Transforming your short-term stay program into an organized sales, marketing and recruiting tool.


Designing short-term stay programs for prospect engagement, resident inter-community lodging and employee retention & recruiting “travel bonuses”

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A simple software system for organizing marketing trial stays, wellness stays, family stays, inter-community resident travel programs and employee retention programs More...



A simple software system allowing home sharing organization the ability to automate, manage, monitize and market home sharing programs More...


A simple micro-property management system allowing Colleges & Universities to organize and manage the rooms they wish rent to outside guests visiting their campus More...

Bundled pricing makes budgeting easy

Simple software designed by operators for operators
Why we do what we do


We designed our software with the "unconventional" short-term stay operation in mind. When looking to bring this product and service to the market, we could only find two options for companies and organizations wishing to operate short-term stay programs. 1) Complicated property management software for multi-unit block housing. 2) Hotel & home sharing software companies. Neither of these options will work for Senior housing, Senior co-housing or College & University short-term stay operations. So we designed and built our simple but versatile software product ourselves. 

When it comes to communities, facilities, and organizations trying to manage small-scale lodging programs, simple solutions did not exist, until know. Our operations backgrounds give us a clear view of why our bundled software product will meet the needs of this specific style of short-term stay operation. SimpleStays simplifies communication between departments and staff, making the short-term stay process a positive experience for both administrators and guests. Our software also allows you to capture short-term stay occupancy, revenue and expenses you may have been overlooking. 

Pairing SimpleStays software with resident intercommunity travel in addition to employee recruiting & retention programs will add a new exciting dynamic to your company or organization.

Tracking Expenses
Simplifying Processes
Capturing Occupancy
Generating Revenue


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