Is your Senior Living company ready for the resident of the future? Because travel is still on their minds…

“Most Baby Boomers (99%) will take at least one leisure trip in 2018, with an average of five or more trips expected throughout the year.” The senior living resident of the future is younger, and they still have a continued desire to travel. Has your senior living company thought about this during your sales process […]

Senior living employee retention, is it time for a new approach?

I recently sat in on a webinar devoted to employee retention in the senior living industry. Employee turnover percentages in the industry are shockingly high. I was excited about the webinar and had high hopes of hearing new and exciting concepts. Having managed both large and small dining operation for 12 + years, I have […]

A cautionary tale of an industry that did not adopt new technologies.

The leadership and editorial side of the newspaper industry have been in a downward spiral for several years. The below article clearly describes how the hedge fund industry has stepped in to correct the lack of forward thinking that industry has shown for years. Unfortunately, I see similarities between this article/industry and the senior living […]


As consumers start to pay more directly for healthcare, they require more visibility into where their money is going. They are also driving higher demand for the full consumer experience in all areas of interaction from website portals to personal interactions with healthcare staff. The emergence of this “consumer” is the most secular of the […]