A creative approach to marketing your newly constructed Senior Living community…

Generating excitement around a newly opened senior living community can be challenging, and can require a creative approach at times.

As a senior living provider, how do you generate excitement and activity in a newly opened community when the community just opened at 20% occupancy?

It’s always a bit of a catch 22, you and your team are super excited about your beautiful newly constructed community. So much time, energy and thought have gone into every aspect of your new property. You just want to show it off to everyone. It can be challenging for your sales and marketing team when they do get folks in for a tour or for an overnight short-term stay and the property feels empty & lacking activity.

If you or your sales & operations teams have experienced this, and have thought, what can we do to create activity? We have a solution for the innovators out there!

Step 1) We will help you set-up a travel style booking site for your newly opened community​ similar to this site (​Your booking site)

Step 2) Set aside 3 or 4 furnished units for short-term stays. These furnished units can also be sold as “fully furnished” at a later date.

Step 3) If there is more than one community in your companies portfolio, you can offer the residents of your other communities promotional codes that they can use themselves or to give to their vetted friends (or potential residents!) for complimentary stays at the new community. Promotional codes allow users (residents or guests) the ability to book complimentary trial stays at your communities, but also add​​ organization to the short-term stay process. The booking system allows you to put processes and systems in place for managing short-term stays, as well as tracking expenses associated with them.

Step 4) Allow your staff members the ability to book (approved) lodging at your newly opened properties as an “employee retention bonus” or in conjunctions with assisting in the training of your communities new staff members. (please visits our earlier blog for more information on employee retention programs ​Employee retention) As a former operator, I know first hand that nothing makes a staff member feel more part of the company than the opportunity to provide structured training to new staff members at a new property. By offering your current residents, guests and staff the ability to book complimentary (and paid) short-term stays in your new community, you have accomplished several goals.

~ You have stealthily involved residents of your communities in the marketing & sales process

~ You are generating positive activity and staff training opportunities at your new property

~ You have generated excitement with staff members at every community in your company

~ You are letting residents and staff from other properties engage with your company in an entirely different way (now that’s just cool!)

~ Friend and family stays are an often overlooked marketing and sales opportunity

Shameless (but ingenious) plug:

We at SimpleStays understand some marketing programs are outside certain companies comfort zone and require a real entrepreneurial spirit. This, however, should not stop you and your team from arranging a demo to get a different point of view on your future residents. Our only goal is to encourage and enable innovation in the Senior Living industry. (Because we are all going to be Seniors someday)

Should you like to talk more about deploying innovative and inclusive marketing strategies, we would love to talk with you. ​DROP US A LINE