Boomers will spend 130 billion on travel this year…

Travel has a way of bringing people together but its also a way to create resident and employee satisfaction. Sharing experiences – cultural ones, physical ones, emotional ones – ties people together in memories for a lifetime. For multi-generational families, increasingly distracted by phones and other technology, communal travel is hugely important. We believe adding this methodology to your senior living companies employee and resident satisfaction programs will differentiate you from your competition.

Is your senior living company missing out on an opportunity to have your next potential resident voluntarily pay you to “check out” your community?

Here are some interesting facts:

General Travel Behaviors

~Baby Boomers do not tend to linger in airports and are the least likely generation to take advantage of various airport amenities, with the exception of restaurants.

~Offering free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast can be a competitive advantage for hotels, as these are Boomers’ top two “must haves.”

~Social media plays a very small role in influencing or occupying this older generation with two-thirds of Baby Boomers saying they will NOT post to a social media site while on vacation.

~That said, the majority (83%) will stay connected to the outside world by keeping up with the news they get via TV and online.

~US workers continue to behave differently than those in other countries, with only slightly over half (54%) citing they will use all of their vacation time in 2016. And even then, when they do travel, one-third are likely to bring work with them, absorbing approximately 10% of their vacation time.

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We at SimpleStays understand some marketing programs are outside certain companies comfort zone and require a real entrepreneurial spirit. This, however, should not stop you and your team from arranging a demo to get a different point of view on your future residents. Our only goal is to encourage and enable innovation in the Senior Living industry. (Because we are all going to be Seniors someday)

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