Is Airbnb disrupting the senior housing industry?

Airbnb continues to disrupt industries, only now it appears to have the Senior Living industry in its sights. Airbnb confirmed they have hundreds of thousands of seniors as hosts in the US, and they are the companies fastest growing demographic.

“Older Americans aren’t just embracing home sharing for the economic potential, but as a way to maintain social connections as they age,” said Josh Meltzer, who heads Northeast policy for Airbnb. “As a result, they are some of Airbnb’s most energetic, enthusiastic and welcoming hosts. The outstanding hosting by older adults on Airbnb means that not only are older Americans benefiting from participating as hosts because of the supplemental income, but also the overall Airbnb community is benefiting from their participation due to the high-quality listings they offer. There is no longer any doubt that Airbnb is providing the tools (or platform) for 55-70-year-old Americans to age in place in their homes.”


~ More than 60 percent of older adults report that hosting has positively changed the way they think, and 45 percent say hosting has positively affected the way they interact with their community.

~ Older women are rated the best Airbnb hosts in the U.S. with 63 percent of trips hosted by women age 65 and older resulting in a five-star review.

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