Are you striving for 100% or 89% occupancy?

I recently had a meeting with the director of sales & marketing for a Senior Living company that consists of mostly independent living communities. I went through my passionate spiel, which goes a little like this.

Would you like to:

~ Increase community occupancy rates by up to 5%?
~ Create a positive travel focused dialogue in all of your communities?
~ Give employees another reason to stay with your company?
~ Offer your current residents a “gift” at virtually no cost to your company?
~ Have potential residents voluntarily sign up to visit your communities?

His answer was really shocking to me, “Ray I love this, but our company’s total occupancy is hovering around 89% and I’m ok with that.“ I have to admit that I am frequently surprised by the unwillingness of industry leaders to even consider new technology and marketing concepts. Why wouldn’t a company want to do all the things I had just mention? 

Some thoughts are…

  1. I (Ray) am a bad salesman with a great product! (this is entirely possible)
  2. They don’t want to take even an ounce of risk, even if it means being a hero. (It’s a company culture issue)
  3. He wants to fly under the radar and not get noticed at any cost. (a common issue in the SL world and also a culture issue)

Hearing those words “I’m ok with that” from a person in a leadership role was a little shocking but not surprising. I spent most of my career in the hotel, restaurant, and private club industries, where 100% was always the only goal. A former mentor, incredible Chef and successful restaurateur once told me “The only way to be successful in this business is to fight for every nickel and every dime”. That’s why hearing someone say “I’m ok with that” when referring to marginal performance is shocking to me. 

The below link is a roadmap, an innovative plan that utilizes assets available to most, if not all the companies in the Senior Housing industry. But for the right company and visionary leader, it could be a treasure map. A map to higher occupancy, higher employee retention rates, increased revenue, increased move in rates and a lightning bolt of positivity for everyone that lives in and works for your company.

If you would like to step outside the norm and transform your Senior Living company into more of a lifestyle brand, here is your roadmap.

Your Roadmap Starts Here!

At SimpleStays our goal is to encourage and enable innovation in the Senior Living industry. To see how we can assist your company and disrupt the disruptors, check out our innovative senior living solutions.