Senior Living Occupancy: Unused Inventory + New Mindset = 95%

For the past 6 months (Q2 &Q3) the Senior Living industries occupancy numbers have remained stable. With the amount of increased inventory coming online all across the country, I feel Senior Living sales teams across the country should be commended. Our focus is on the IL sector and 90.2% is not too shabby for any […]

Senior housing employee retention: how about a solution?

Having worked as a dining services director for a large luxury CCRC and a mid-sized high-end Independent Living community in the senior housing industry, what I am about to describe comes from my real life experience and the solutions I offer are based on my experience managing millennials. Trying to hire and retain line level […]

“Aging in Place” The New Norm

“Aging in place” are three very scary words for the senior housing industry who continue to see national occupancy rates slip every quarter. Whether it is being realized or not, the Senior Housing industries business model is currently under attack. If you are an Independent Living or even Assisted Living provider, ask yourself these question. […]

Is Airbnb disrupting the senior housing industry?

Airbnb continues to disrupt industries, only now it appears to have the Senior Living industry in its sights. Airbnb confirmed they have hundreds of thousands of seniors as hosts in the US, and they are the companies fastest growing demographic. “Older Americans aren’t just embracing home sharing for the economic potential, but as a way […]

Millennials + Travel = Employee Retention

I would say the number one issue facing the senior living industry is employee retention. Working in the senior living industry is rewarding, but also difficult. The levels of pay can be below national averages and the work can be very stressful. So how does your company attract and retain the employees of the future, […]

Boomers will spend 130 billion on travel this year…

Travel has a way of bringing people together but its also a way to create resident and employee satisfaction. Sharing experiences – cultural ones, physical ones, emotional ones – ties people together in memories for a lifetime. For multi-generational families, increasingly distracted by phones and other technology, communal travel is hugely important. We believe adding […]

Is your senior living company focused on hospitality?

Moving from a culture of care to a culture of hospitality is what many senior living facilities are doing to adjust to the market demands of aging baby boomers. “Universal design elements are other aspects baby boomers are asking for in senior living facilities, Larkin says. Those elements include zero-entry showers, flooring that allows for […]

A creative approach to marketing your newly constructed Senior Living community…

Generating excitement around a newly opened senior living community can be challenging, and can require a creative approach at times. As a senior living provider, how do you generate excitement and activity in a newly opened community when the community just opened at 20% occupancy? It’s always a bit of a catch 22, you and […]