Technology for Senior Co-Housing Organizations.


What we do

  • Offer the ability to list and rent homes & rooms online
  • Offer hosts or organizations the ability to process online rent payments
  • Offer the ability to customize forms and applications
  • Offer the ability to automate and e-mail weekly chore list to renters
  • Personalize the home sharing experience
  • Offer the ability to book “trial stays”
  • Offering white-labeled & individually branded rental portals

What we could to do

  • Create a nationwide online secure house-mate profile portal
  • Create a nationwide online secure portal of potential home sharing hosts
  • Create a mobile app for agreed upon renter chore schedules
  • Offer affordable and efficient technology to the home sharing industry
  • Revolutionize the Co-housing process through automation


What are the benefits

  • Allowing people of any age to stay in their homes
  • A great way for homeowners to get help managing the tasks around their house
  • A great way for renters to get inexpensive long and short-term housing
  • A great way to create multi-generational friendships